Unleash the Power of Immersive Racing: Installing a Buttkicker for Console Simulation

Unleash the Power of Immersive Racing: Installing a Buttkicker for Console Simulation

Some people say having a buttkicker/bass-shaker for console sim racing isn’t worth it, but for under $100 it is easy to put that opinion to rest.

Adding a bass-shaker to your console setup will augment your sim racing experience in ways you never thought possible.  The added immersion will connect you to the action on screen - you feel what you see!  Whether you are navigating hairpins or accelerating on the straightaway, a bass shaker adds a layer of realism, exhilaration, and sensory feedback.

Only a few components are needed to set up your bass shaker for sim racing, you may even have some laying around. 


1. Bass Shaker

I used a Dayton Audio BST-2: 35 W bass shaker.  For extra umph use the Dayton BST-1

$ 35

2. Bass Amplifier with filter

Has a flexible PSU input connections and voltage. The filter on subwoofer output is essential for a good experience.

$ 23

3. Amplifier Power Supply

Supplies power to the bass amplifier.

You may have an old laptop power supply which might work - I used an LED driver that wasn't being used. Check that the output voltage is between 12-24 VDC. 

$ 21

4. 3.5 mm Audio Cable

Any old 3.5 mm audio cable will do.

$ 8
Total $ 87 USD

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Heres how it all connects

The parts mount nicely to my RigMetal aluminum profile rig.

Tuning your bass shaker.

After finishing installation, it is essential to adjust your amplifier for an optimal experience.  Do not skip this step, or you will just end up with useless vibrations.

1. Turn on your rig, simulator and hop in game with the engine on.

2. Turn the amplifier main volume to max.

3. Set subwoofer volume to taste, 40% or lower provides a great experience for my rig.

4. (IMPORTANT) Rev your cars engine and slowly sweep the subwoofer frequency knob from low to high until the engine vibrations stand out.  90% of the way up works great for ACC gt3 cars, You may need to adjust on a game by game basis.

What will you get?

This bass shaker setup will deliver precise feedback corresponding to engine revs/power, road surface textures, and collisions allowing you to feel the adrenaline as if you were in a real car. Its an extra dimension of immersion that might just become your favorite upgrade.


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